Donald Trump on the phone.

Holding the MAGA extremist House accountable.

Marjorie Taylor Greene with U.S. Capitol and red and black shapes.

The incoming majority in the House of Representatives has promised to spend its time on sham investigations and political stunts.

We are committed to holding them accountable for how they choose to wield their considerable new power.

Americans want to see their elected representatives in Congress working hard to make this country a better place for their children and grandchildren.

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The House Accountability War Room is pushing back against an extreme agenda that puts power over the freedoms and wellbeing of American families.


MAGA Debt Limit Weaponization Threatens Economy

As a result of MAGA politicians’ refusal to raise the debt limit without gutting programs like Social Security and Medicare, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen today announced that the Treasury will begin taking “extraordinary measures” to prevent the U.S. from defaulting on our national debt.

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Meet the MAGA Committee Chairs Driving the Extremist House Agenda

Now that the House of Representatives has selected a Speaker, MAGA leaders running the House steering committee have named the new chairs for key House committees including Judiciary, Oversight, Budget, and more.

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House Accountability War Room Demands McCarthy Investigate Santos

Congress must get answers on behalf of the voters that Santos defrauded—and that starts with an ethics investigation.

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House Republicans Kick Off Congress By Protecting Billionaires

House Republicans passed their first bill under Speaker McCarthy’s leadership to shield the wealthiest Americans and corporations from tax audits.

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