5 Things to Know about MAGA Extremist Tom Emmer

  1. Emmer signed onto “an amicus brief in a Texas lawsuit to invalidate millions of votes and the election results from four key swing states that went for President-elect Joe Biden.”

    CNN reporter Andy Kaczynski on X: “Emmer signed on to the Texas lawsuit trying to throw out the results in all of the swing states to throw the election to Trump though. It was probably outside of January 6 the second most extreme action in that whole post 2020 period.”

  2. Emmer has voted for a national abortion ban multiple times and cosponsored a 20-week abortion ban in 2021.

  3. In September 2023, Emmer voted for the House Republicans’ continuing resolution that would cut access to Social Security.

  4. Emmer voted twice against establishing the January 6th investigative committees.

  5. Emmer voted against the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would allow the Department of Justice to overturn discriminatory state and local voter suppression laws. He also voted against the Freedom to Vote Act, which would protect voters and prohibit discriminatory voter purges and the partisan removal of election officials.


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