Dangerous MAGA-Driven Rulings From SCOTUS In Line With MAGA House Republicans, Will Harm Millions

The extreme rulings handed down this week prove that MAGA-backed ideology and agenda is driving SCOTUS 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This week, Americans nationwide are facing the cold reality that the highest court in the land is in lockstep with the extreme and backwards MAGA agenda. The Supreme Court’s rulings, which facilitate discrimination and block borrowers from financial freedom, directly reflect the policies and messaging of the MAGA-led House where Republican Members of Congress are pursuing an agenda that strips away personal freedoms and increases costs for middle-class Americans.

Today’s SCOTUS ruling overturning President Biden’s student loan forgiveness mirrors MAGA House Republicans’ previous attempts to gouge President Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan – voting to overturn debt forgiveness in May and voting to cancel student debt relief in McCarthy’s Default on America Act.

The recent wave of harmful rulings comes a year after these MAGA-appointment justices who subscribe to Trump and the MAGA House’s ideology eliminated all protections to abortion nationwide.

“The similarities between the extremism we’re seeing in these radical SCOTUS rulings and the continuous abuse of power from the MAGA members of the House is no coincidence – their tactics and ideology are intertwined and they’re feeding off of each other’s extremism,” said Zac Petkanas, Senior Advisor to the House Accountability War Room. “The MAGA movement is working across every branch of government to ensure that freedoms continue to be stripped and, this week, we saw once again MAGA ideology emanating from the highest court in the nation, directly stripping freedoms, opportunities for advancement and economic security from Americans. This is a truly devastating leap backwards that will lead to enormous damage to the middle-class, LGBTQ+ families and communities of color, and we have the MAGA movement to blame.”

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