House Accountability War Room: MAGA Republicans’ ACE Act is “The Next Step in a Ceaseless Push to Disenfranchise Voters […] While Elevating the Power of Their Ultra-Wealthy Donors,”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, MAGA House Republicans, led by Congressman Bryan Steil of Wisconsin, introduced an anti-democracy bill that would enact draconian voter suppression laws, unleash more dark money in our politics, and further undermine the people of Washington, D.C.’s ability to elect their own leaders. Rep. Steil touted that this bill is the “most conservative election bill to be seriously considered in the House in a generation.” MAGA Republicans are even making Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene– who once said that if she organized the January 6th insurrection, “we would have won” and “it would’ve been armed”– the face of today’s actions on the bill, in case there was any doubt that this bill aims to achieve their true goal to undermine democracy.

José Morales, Jr., spokesperson for House Accountability War Room, released the following statement on the extreme bill:

“Yet again, extreme MAGA Republicans are working to weaken our democracy with a bill that undermines Americans’ freedom to vote and hands even more power to the ultra-wealthy to flood our elections with special interest money. By utilizing baseless claims of voter fraud, this bill only further emboldens former President Trump and his enablers who feel complete ownership of our democracy and seek to keep power only to themselves, regardless of the will of the voters. Congressman Steil, and any other MAGA Republicans who stand by this extreme bill, must be called out for advancing what this bill truly is the next step in a ceaseless push to disenfranchise voters across race and age while elevating the power of their ultra-wealthy donors.”

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