ICYMI: MAGA House Republicans on the Introduction of Their Extreme Voter Intimidation Bill

The Hill: “This legislation is designed to appease extremist election deniers who have spent the last four years attacking our democracy” – Rep. Joe Morelle (D-NY)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, MAGA House Republicans unveiled their extreme anti-voter elections bill that attacks Americans’ freedom to vote while elevating the influence of the ultra wealthy and corporations in our democracy. This bill continues efforts, highlighted by the January 6th attacks on the Capitol, to further undermine elections and reinforce their own power.

Rep. Bryan Steil (WI), the Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, described the bill as “the most conservative election integrity legislation to be considered in the House in a generation” and even laughably claimed that undoing disclosure requirements for ultra-wealthy donors “protects Americans’ right to political speech”.

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The Washington Post: Republicans Introduce Election Bill  

  • “Republicans are calling the bill — the American Confidence in Elections Act — the “most conservative election bill to be seriously considered in the House in a generation.””

Associated Press: Deep partisanship will be on display as Congress releases competing voting bills

  • “America is under threat from election deniers and extremist anti-voting forces who undermine our democracy,” said New York Rep. Joe Morelle, the ranking Democrat on the House Administration Committee. “In contrast, our agenda offers national standards that ensure every eligible American can participate in accessible, secure and transparent elections.”

NBC News: House Republicans unveil new ‘election integrity’ bill

  • “The Big Lie origins of SB 202 mirror the Big Lie origins of the majority’s ACE Act. And the damaging effects of SB 202 on Georgia voters will be imposed upon all Americans if the ACE Act is enacted nationally” – New York Rep. Joe Morelle

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Republican push for new US voting laws launched in Georgia

  • “This legislation is designed to appease extremist election deniers who have spent the last four years attacking our democracy,” said U.S. Rep. Joe Morelle, a Democrat from New York. “It would restrict the fundamental right to vote, especially for voters of color, jeopardize the security of our elections, burden local election administrators and bring more dark money into our electoral process — opening the door to corruption. It’s anti-American.”

Roll Call: Republicans unveil election bill in Georgia, the heart of the fight

  • “Dubbed the American Confidence in Elections Act, or ACE Act, the bill has drawn the scorn of committee Democrats, who argue it engages in denialism and falsehoods about election fraud, disenfranchises minority voters and puts the security of poll workers at risk, among other complaints.”

Forbes: ‘A Nightmare Out Of An Orwellian Novel’: Joe Morelle Blasts GOP Election Bill And Slams Trump

  • Video: At a House Administration Committee field hearing on Monday, Rep. Joe Morelle (D-NY) spoke about election legislation introduced by Republicans.

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