ICYMI: McCarthy and MAGA Leaders Stay Silent As Others Condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Violent, Pro-Insurrection Comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Although GOP leadership has thus far remained silent on the violent and pro-insurrectionist comments made by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Saturday at a New York Young Republican Club gala, some political leaders and media personalities have come forward to condemn the statement.

Here is a partial list:

  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger: “Every media member needs to not let @GOPLeader McCarthy, or @EliseStefanik answer anything else until they address this comment. They are trying to stay quiet until the leadership vote. Quick aside, MTG and Bannon would have gotten crushed. Trust me.”

  • The Lincoln Project: “Don’t expect @GOPLeader to disavow @RepMTG January 6th comments from this weekend. She’s the boss.”

    • The Lincoln Project: “‘If Steve Bannon and I had orchestrated January 6th – we would have won.’ – Marjorie Taylor Greene. This is the leader of the MAGA GOP. Don’t look away, in a post January 6th America this is a real threat.”

  • Fred GuttenbergFather of Parkland shooting victim: “Simply put, this comment from Marj Taylor Greene is the latest example putting an end to the lies about guns in America and why they want them. This is why we need an assault weapons ban. As for Marj and GOP leadership, this is who the Republican party is.”

  • Laurence Tribe, American legal scholar: “MTG is really dangerous. Thank heaven she’s as dumb as a rock. If she had a brain she’d be even scarier.  And if she added to that Kari Lake’s looks, she’d be all but unstoppable.”

  • Will Bunch, National Opinion Columnist for Philadelphia Inquirer: “The House should formally vote to censure Greene for this remark, endorsing armed insurrection against the United States government.”

  • CNN’s John Avlon: “… what she is basically saying is what we’ve been pointing out: without accountability, failed insurrections are just practice. She’s saying they would have succeeded, and they would have come armed. And that’s a statement with real weight if you’re a member of Congress. That’s an endorsement of violent sedition. Make no mistake about it.”

  • White House Spokesperson: “It goes against our fundamental values as a country for a Member of Congress to wish that the carnage of January 6th had been even worse, and to boast that she would have succeeded in an armed insurrection against the United States government. This violent rhetoric is a slap in the face to the Capitol Police, the DC Metropolitan Police, the National Guard, and the families who lost loved ones as a result of the attack on the Capitol. All leaders have a responsibility to condemn these dangerous, abhorrent remarks and stand up for our Constitution and the rule of law.”

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