ICYMI: Independents in Focus Groups Say MAGA House is “Out of Touch”

New polling and focus groups from Navigator show Americans most concerned about threats to gut Social Security and Medicare

Washington, D.C. — New polling and focus groups conducted by Navigator Research make it clear that most Americans find the MAGA House’s priorities to be out of touch and concerning. The focus groups, conducted with independent voters in Virginia, Wisconsin, and Texas, highlighted Americans’ concerns about Social Security and Medicare still existing for themselves and their parents when they need it.

Other findings from the groups include:

  • Respondents say many of the MAGA House’s proposed investigations sound like “tit for tat” or “revenge” and are not in line with voters’ priorities.

  • Cuts to Social Security and Medicare are seen as a deeply problematic component of House Republicans’ legislative agenda.

  • The term “MAGA” evokes a sense of blind loyalty and cultishness

  • Most assume Congress won’t get anything done and yearn for members to compromise

  • Many have awareness and strong negative reactions to Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos

Recent polling on House priorities found similar worries about threats to gut Social Security and Medicare.

  • Americans disapprove of House GOP by 20 points

  • The most concerning potential House Republican actions are cuts to Social Security and Medicare, repealing the Inflation Reduction Act, and criminalizing doctors who perform abortions.

  • Medicare and Social Security are overwhelmingly popular, and Americans trust Biden and Democrats over Republicans on protecting both programs by double-digit margins.

  • On what would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, clear majorities of Americans identify as pro-choice, think abortion should be legal, and disapprove of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe.

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