MAGA House Using Default Crisis To Attempt To Take Health Care Away From Millions of Americans

Washington, D.C. — As the MAGA House continues to use the default crisis as an excuse to pursue devastating cuts to essential health care programs that millions of Americans rely on, including Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, President Biden plans to address the subject in a speech in Virginia Beach on Tuesday. The speech comes after the news that Trump’s former Office of Management and Budget Chief, Russ Vought is closely advising the House as they threaten the country with a global economic catastrophe. 

“MAGA House leaders are operating under the delusional assumption that they can use a default crisis that they have single-handedly manufactured to take away life-saving health care from millions of Americans and get away with it,” Zac Petkanas, senior advisor to the House Accountability War Room. “The cruelty and corruption evident in their plans to raise health care costs and strip coverage from children and seniors underscores how fully this House has been overtaken by the extreme MAGA agenda.” 

From Protect Our Care: 3 Ways the MAGA House is Working To Take Away Health Care 

Premium Tax Credits. The Vought budget would fully repeal the ACA’s tax credits that help millions of Americans afford quality health insurance. A record 16.3 million Americans signed up for coverage through the ACA marketplace this year, and with 80 percent of enrollees eligible for tax credits, over 15 million people could see their premiums soar if the Vought plan were enacted.

Medicaid Expansion. The Vought budget “repeals the authorizations created by Obamacare that permit states to expand their Medicaid programs.” The ACA’s expansion of Medicaid covers more than 21 million people who would have their care ripped away if Republicans were to enact this plan.

Protections For More Than 135 Million Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions.
Vought’s plan lambastes the Affordable Care Act for providing “some subsidies to some people, only if they choose to purchase insurance the government defines in the way the government demands.” Removing the consumer protections enacted by the ACA would put insurance companies back in charge of your care and end protections for 54 million Americans with ‘declinable’ pre-existing conditions.


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