MAGA House Votes For Higher Gas Prices, Once Again Choosing Wall Street Over Americans

Vote making it harder for the Biden Administration to lower gas prices using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve comes as House promises vote on new middle-class tax raising prices of all goods by 30%

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, the MAGA-controlled House voted to make it harder for the administration to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gas prices at a time when more than three in five Americans are asking Congress to prioritize lowering costs for essential goods like gas and groceries. On Monday, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm went to the White House to explain how the bill “needlessly aims to weaken” the administration’s ability to lower gas prices.

This legislation is the latest in a series of proposed bills that prioritizes lining the pockets of the extremely wealthy over serving American families. The first bill passed by this House in this session of Congress repealed popular provisions of the landmark Inflation Reduction Act and shielded the wealthiest Americans and corporations from tax audits. Even more recently, MAGA Republicans have called for a vote on a National Sales Tax that would raise the costs of goods by 30 percent — disproportionately harming the middle class and benefiting the rich.

“This legislation will make it harder to lower gas prices for families: Full stop,” said Zac Petkanas, senior advisor to the House Accountability War Room. “That should come as no surprise from this MAGA controlled-House, which always seems to choose protecting Wall Street and the wealthy over working Americans. In their first days in the majority, they have pledged to implement a National Sales Tax, raising the cost of all goods like medicine and groceries by 30 percent, while simultaneously voting to allow wealthy and corporate tax cheats to evade taxes. These are the wrong priorities for American families.”

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