McCarthy’s Growing List of Concessions Underscores MAGA Control of House

MAGA Puppeteers Continue Running The Show
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Having already lost seven votes (and counting) for Speaker of the House, Trump-endorsed candidate for speaker Minority Leader McCarthy has offered a new round of concessions to MAGA extremists, showing how willing he is to undermine the legislative body he seeks to lead. His most recent appeasements appear to include: lowering the threshold needed to oust the Speaker, ceding at least two seats on the Rules Committee to extreme Freedom Caucus members, and guaranteeing floor votes on border security. These follow a deal last night in which the Congressional Leadership Fund, a McCarthy-aligned super PAC, agreed to stop opposing extremist primary candidates for safe Republican seats.
“There’s no doubt about it now: Kevin McCarthy is willing to grovel his way to the gavel, giving control to the most extreme MAGA wing of the House,” said Zac Petkanas, senior advisor to the House Accountability War Room. “What does that mean? It means giving even more power to those who want to cut Social Security and Medicare, raise prescription drug costs, pass a national abortion ban and focus on political stunt investigations to retaliate against the Biden Administration. It’s clear that whoever becomes Speaker — if we ever get one — will be nothing more than a water carrier for the MAGA extremists.”
These most recent concessions empowering the extremist MAGA wing join a long list of demands that McCarthy has given into:
  • Allowing members of Congress to use spending bills to defund certain programs and fire federal officials or cut their pay.
  • Creating a new subcommittee focused on the “weaponization” of the federal government.
  • Hamstringing the Office of Congressional Ethics and imposing term limits for board members, which would result in the removal of all but one Democrat.
  • Launching a “Church-style investigation” into past abuses of power by the FBI and CIA.
  • Calling on DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign or face House GOP investigations and a potential impeachment inquiry.
  • Removing Reps. Omar, Swalwell, and Schiff from committee assignments.
  • Reinstating MAGA extremists Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar on committees.
  • Investigating Speaker Pelosi’s handling of January 6th and the subsequent treatment of insurrectionists.