MEMO: Most Extreme MAGA Poison Pills

Led by Speaker Mike Johnson, MAGA extremists in the U.S. House of Representatives are barreling our country toward a government shutdown once again in an effort to get their extreme agenda into the funding bill, including extreme abortion bans and slashing programs that millions of Americans rely on.

How do we know they’ll push for ultra-conservative poison pills? They’ve told us.

Speaker Johnson said the current topline funding agreement allows House Republicans to “fight for the important policy riders included in our House FY24 bills” and that GOP leaders are “putting ourselves in a position to go argue for our priorities, our riders on the spending bills.”

Their threat to shutdown the government is not hollow. Many extreme House Republicans have explicitly said they do not fear a shutdown if their extreme demands are not met.

These extreme MAGA priorities are not only harmful to Americans from all walks of life, they are deeply unpopular. Two in three Americans agree that it’s never right to shut down the federal government, with even greater opposition when Republicans are doing it to push their ideological demands. Additionally, at least three in four Americans oppose Republicans’ proposed cuts. 

The American people agree that there can be only one way forward: no cuts, no poison pills.

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