Reality Check for MAGA Republicans: It’s Not All About Them in Government Funding

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Accountability War Room issued the following statement on the House passage of the six-bill government funding package.

“After threatening a MAGA shutdown for months, Speaker Johnson caved to pressure and relied on Democratic members to pass bipartisan legislation without the most harmful cuts and poison pills they’ve been demanding,” said Albert Fujii, the House Accountability War Room’s spokesperson. “The partial spending package may have been a blow to the MAGA agenda for right now, but we must remain vigilant in ensuring that government funding bills are supporting the needs of constituents across the country. Republican leaders will now set their eyes on the next opportunity to push their MAGA agenda onto the American people: the March 22 funding deadline. MAGA extremists like Speaker Johnson and Marjorie Taylor Greene need to face reality—Americans don’t want their deeply unpopular, extreme agenda—they want a House that puts people over politics.”


About House Accountability War Room

House Accountability War Room is an independent rapid response operation. The war room will leverage research, deploy messaging and engage partners to hold House leadership accountable as the caucus moves to take away core freedoms, distort the truth, and put the profits of corporations above the wellbeing of working families.