REMINDER: Extreme House Republicans WANT a Shutdown

“I’m not afraid of a shutdown…” “If a shutdown occurs, then so be it…”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The House of Representatives returns from August recess today with just 18 days left to avoid a government shutdown. While some MAGA Republicans spent recess conjuring up dangerous and deeply unpopular demands, others openly admitted they want a shutdown.

“MAGA extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene are calling the shots in the U.S. House of Representatives and will stop at nothing – including shutting down the government – until they are able to ram through their radical abortion bans and slash funding for law enforcement, our military, clean water and public schools,” said Zac Petkanas, spokesperson for the House Accountability War Room. “Every American loses if House Republicans get the shutdown they want so desperately, especially the millions of working families, veterans, children and seniors who would bear the brunt if the MAGA House doesn’t do its job.”

Some extreme Republicans want a shutdown no matter what:

  • Byron Donalds: “I’m not afraid of shutdowns […] American life doesn’t halt because government offices are closed …”
  • Eric Burlison: “I’m not afraid of a shutdown.”
  • Tim Burchett: said a shutdown “doesn’t bother him.”
  • Ralph Norman: “If a shutdown occurs, then so be it if they’re not gonna stick to what [Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)] agreed to, which is starting on a path of financial security, which we don’t have.”
  • Bob Good: “We should not fear a government shutdown.”

Other MAGA Republicans are willing to hold the government hostage if their radical, deeply unpopular demands are not met:

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Tonight, I made an announcement directly to my constituents at my Floyd County Town Hall. I will not vote to fund the government if Congress doesn’t do this: – Impeachment Inquiry vote on Joe Biden  – Defund Biden’s weaponization of government – Eliminate all COVID vaccine and mandates – No funding for the war in Ukraine”
  • Matt Rosendale: “We are not going to be distracted by a shiny object saying, ‘if you don’t get this continuing resolution passed, we won’t be able to pursue the impeachment inquiry,’ […] That’s nonsense.”
  • Matt Rosendale: “Why would I vote to extend spending at levels that I voted against, or the policies that I voted against? […] Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against spending at these levels. And for Leader McCarthy, Speaker McCarthy, to come out now and say that he wants us to extend that is absolutely insane.”
  • Chip Roy: “Under no circumstances will I support a ‘continuing resolution’ to fund the government at the bloated, corrupt 2023 levels… and in particular, that funds DHS and DOJ without massive, immediate, actionable reforms […] I might — might — support a short-term series of 24-hour ‘CRs’ to create maximum pain for Congress to do its damned job.”
  • Ryan Zinke: “It doesn’t shut down 75% of the government plus, so all that it really hurts is the military and those types of areas that is an unintended consequence… It’s a lot of show, no substance.”
  • Michael Cloud: said “the long-term win” of achieving conservatives’ desired spending cuts would outweigh any short-term discomfort. “We’ve got to be willing to stand strong on those principles even if it means a difficult news cycle or the way people are going to spend things for a couple weeks.”
  • Ronny Jackson: “I WILL NOT vote for any continuing resolution that doesn’t smash Biden’s DOJ into a million pieces…”
  • Tony Gonzales: “America demands a secure border. I am a NO on any Continuing Resolution that only kicks the can down the road. Lock Congress in a room until we pass a conservative budget void of excess financial waste.”

To learn more or to speak with a House Accountability War Room spokesperson, contact [email protected]