Speaker McCarthy Cosies Up to Marjorie Taylor Greene As He Cements His Move to the Far Right

McCarthy’s Fundraising Schedule Shows His Commitment to the Extreme MAGA Agenda

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Speaker Kevin McCarthy is out and about, showing the town who his Congressional dream team is. New reporting by Punchbowl yesterday spotlights a fundraiser hosted by McCarthy in support of Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene. The fundraiser comes after reports that MTG was invited to become the face of the MAGA House Republicans’ new voter intimidation bill even after she was bumped out of the far-right Freedom Caucus.

McCarthy’s fundraising schedule shows where his priorities lie – getting the most vocal supporters of a far-right, extreme agenda that rips away benefits from hardworking Americans in favor of tax breaks for the ultrawealthy.

“Careful, Speaker McCarthy – your true priorities are showing,” said José Morales, Jr., spokesperson for the House Accountability War Room. “McCarthy’s speakership tenure is already defined by his manufactured economic crisis that tried to barter away Americans’ health care and benefits in favor of tax breaks for the ultrawealthy and corporations. Now, he’s showing that he’s squarely behind the rest of the MAGA agenda as well – from a potential government shutdown and ripping away the right to vote to bogus impeachment pursuits. McCarthy’s priorities are MAGA’s priorities, and they will do whatever it takes to get their extreme agenda passed – even if they have to step on every American family to do so.”

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