Statement: MAGA Plan To Default Cuts Healthcare, Border Security, Police, Veterans’ Benefits

Returning to FY2022 levels would cut funding for over 2,000 border agents, 11,000 FBI personnel, and hundreds of local law enforcement positions and increase wait times for Social Security and veterans’ benefits 

Washington, D.C. — Today, Speaker McCarthy unveiled the MAGA House’s proposed default plan, which can be boiled down to a long list of deeply unpopular and dangerous cuts to programs that Americans rely on. Veterans, seniors, children, and rural communities are among the groups that would be most heavily impacted by cuts suggested in the proposal.

“McCarthy’s proposal isn’t a serious piece of legislation — it’s a MAGA recipe to default. The American people overwhelmingly oppose cuts to health care, veterans benefits, border patrol and police, which is exactly what this agenda will accomplish,” said Zac Petkanas, senior advisor to the House Accountability War Room. “We should tackle the deficit by raising taxes on billionaires and companies that ship American jobs overseas — not attacking the millions of Americans who rely on essential, broadly popular programs to put food on the table, access life-saving care, and pay rent. Unfortunately, as McCarthy made clear in his speech on Wall Street on Monday, MAGA House members are more concerned about the wellbeing of bankers and billionaires than the livelihoods of Americans they are currently holding hostage.”

A small sample of the impacts of the MAGA budget include:

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