Supreme Court Surprises, Averts MAGA Extremist Disaster with Ruling on Moore v. Harper.

New York Times: “The 6-3 majority dismissed the ‘independent state legislature’ theory, which would have given state lawmakers nearly unchecked power over federal elections.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, in a win for democracy, the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in the case of Moore v. Harper blocking one of the many attempts by extremist MAGA Republicans to usurp complete control in the redistricting process and rig the maps we use to elect members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Zac Petkanas, Senior Advisor to the House Accountability War Room issued the following statement:

“Let’s be clear: the U.S. Supreme Court’s majority opinion in Moore v. Harper delivered a body blow to the latest MAGA Republican plans to undermine Americans’ right to a free and fair election.

“The Court not only rejected the radical arguments advanced by the extremists in the North Carolina legislature, they exposed the depths to which MAGA Republicans will sink to in order to upend our democracy and solidify their power.

“While there is much work to be done, this decision should be celebrated as an outright victory for American democracy and a loss for those in Congress and state legislatures across the country who are trying to rig our elections to install more MAGA extremists in power.”


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