ICYMI: Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Navigator Research, House Accountability War Room on Dangerous MAGA Funding Demands

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the House Accountability War Room hosted a press call with Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee, and Bryan Bennett of Navigator Research about the most extreme MAGA shutdown demands. While a full audio recording is available upon request, below are some key excerpts.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Appropriations:

“They want to hold us hostage for the depth of their cuts…”

“It’s shameful, it’s divisive, and it’s cruel in many, many ways. There’s no need for it… the federal government is there to provide… it’s really staggering the lengths to which they are going.”

“How long are House Republicans going to drag their feet and how much harm are they going to inflict before they come to the table for an ominous and for a CR? We need to get to work now. I’m ready, I’m ready to meet anytime, any place, anywhere.”

“Hate is not the underlying principle of passing a budget.”

Zac Petkanas, House Accountability War Room: 

“Their unreasonable MAGA shutdown demands are dangerous. The extreme abortion bans, taking away funding from law enforcement, safe drinking water, children’s cancer research, the Social Security Administration… these demands will hurt millions of Americans, from veterans to seniors to kids.”

“We’re on a less-than-three-week sprint to see if we can avoid a MAGA shutdown… This is when the American people are going to start tuning in.”

Bryan Bennett, Navigator Research: 

“Overwhelmingly, the cuts that are being proposed by Republicans are extremely unpopular.”

“Across the 15 different items that we tested in this survey, all are unpopular among the overall registered voter universe by 2:1 margin at least. The ones that are the most unpopular include cuts to the Social Security Administration, … all of them have at least 75% who are opposed.”