Mike Garcia Votes to Advance Anti-Democratic Provisions in FY 2025 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Rep. Mike Garcia joined the Republicans on the House Committee on Appropriations in voting to advance the FY 2025 Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Bill which includes several poison pills and anti-democratic provisions at the detriment of constituents of CA-27 and Americans across the country. House Accountability War Room spokesperson Malachi White released the following statement:

“Instead of making much needed investments that align with the values and principles of his constituents, Mike Garcia and the MAGA Appropriations Majority voted to advance an anti-democratic funding bill that makes significant cuts to federal law enforcement and the Department of Justice, undermining the abilities of our independent judiciary and the security of our democratic institutions. Garcia voted for a bill that makes it harder to keep guns out of the wrong hands, slashes programs that prevent violence in our communities, cuts funding for thousands of federal law enforcement positions, and cuts resources that bolster our national security. This bill harms working families by cutting funding for DOJ antitrust programs and Economic Development Administration programs that serve our rural communities. And aligning with their evergreen MAGA agenda, this bill attacks women’s health and safety by defunding the Reproductive Rights Task Force, blocks the DOJ from litigating state and local abortion bans, and would make it harder to enforce certain protections for women in the workplace. MAGA Republicans continue to prioritize attacking our democracy and pushing their extreme agenda. It’s time for them to perform their constitutional duty and advocate for the needs of their constituents and the American people.”

The Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Bill supported by Mike Garcia and MAGA Republicans makes major cuts to federal law enforcement, including: 

  • Cutting almost $1 billion overall for the Department of Justice, providing $3.1 billion less than the President’s budget request. 
  • Cutting $368 million for FBI salaries and expenses, providing nearly $1 billion less than the President’s budget request. 
  • Cutting $299 million for US Attorneys, providing $500 million less than the President’s budget request. 

The bill also makes detrimental cuts to criminal justice grants and programs including:

  • Cutting $46 million for Violence Against Women Act grants, providing $133 million less than the President’s budget request. 
  • Cutting $50 million for Juvenile Justice Grants, providing $500 million less than the President’s budget request. 
  • No funding whatsoever for Community Violence Intervention And Prevention Grants, Title V Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Grants, And Several Office On Violence Against Women Grants Such As Grants For Underserved Populations And LGBTQIA+ Specific Services.

The Commerce-Science-Justice Appropriations Bill Contains Harmful Poison Pill Riders Related To Abortion, Climate Change, Immigration, Gun Violence And Red Flag Laws, DEI And CRT, And COVID Vaccine Mandates. “The legislation includes riders that would:

  • Bar the implementation of any measure, regulation, or guidance issued or finalized by the ATF after January 21, 2021, which would effectively block many of the Biden Administration’s current and future efforts to reduce gun violence. […]
  • Block the implementation of various Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.
  • Prevent funding from being used to implement the relocation of the FBI’s headquarters.
  • Bar funding from being used for the operations or expenses of any Federal employee union. […]
  • Block implementation of other environmental and climate change-related initiatives.
  • Bar funding for the Justice Department’s Reproductive Rights Task Force
  • Bar funding for litigation against States or local governments regarding their abortion laws.
  • Bar funding for implementation of the EEOC’s April 2024 rule that requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for employees seeking abortion care.”  [House Appropriations Democrats, 6/25/24]

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