Rep. Juan Ciscomani Defends Trump Following Conviction, Shows No Respect for Rule of Law

WASHINGTON — Today, in response to Congressman Ciscomani (R-AZ) attacking the jury’s decision to convict former President Donald Trump, House Accountability War Room spokesperson Zac Petkanas released the following statement:

“In the United States, no one is above the law – and the constituents of Arizona’s 6th Congressional District agree. Unfortunately, Rep. Ciscomani – who has gone out of his way pretending to care about ‘law and order’– is now willing to throw that central tenet of American democracy in the garbage. Rep. Ciscomani determined Donald Trump should be immune because he is a former President of the United States whose extreme agenda he supports. Rep. Ciscomani believes Arizonans should be held accountable by the rule of law – but not Donald Trump. That’s not only hypocritical – it’s an un-American attack on the democratic system of justice. House Republicans must remember: no one is above the law: not even former president Donald Trump,” said Petkanas.

@JuanCiscomani: “Given the political-motivation behind it, the outcome of this trial was never truly in doubt.  In Arizona, the voters I talk to every day — Republican, Democrat and Independent — aren’t interested in these games. This is exactly why the American public is losing faith in our judicial system. People want a government that protects them, is accountable and is transparent. But that is not what we saw today.”

Additional Background:

A recent Navigator Research poll released earlier this month found that, in supporting Donald Trump as he faces multiple civil and criminal trials, these MAGA extremists are going against the American people. In fact:

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